“Juarez, the City of Juarez”

June 24, 2009

Goodwin: You indicated that you have recorded some conversations with Santillan where he explained arrangements that were made with military and politicians. What, what specific arrangements did he tell you about politicians?
Ramirez Peyro: No, that he didn’t precisely, himself, well, the cartel [the VCF] had arrangements with people that were close to President Fox [of Mexico]. He explained to me that President Fox took, took the position to arrange, consult with the cartel from Juarez to — which it, which it means that he was going to attack the, the enemy cartels being from Tijuana and from the Gulf, and then the cartel from Juarez would be operating with this court, you know, without the government being —
Goodwin: This is —
Ramirez Peyro: — on —
Goodwin: — what —
Ramirez Peyro: — top of them.
Goodwin: This is what Santillan told you?
Ramirez Peyro: It’s one of the law conversations that we did have. Also, when I did go to Colombia to make arrangement with the Colombians, the plans was to come by sea, and the Mexico’s navy, the ships, they’re the ones that would get the drugs in the, in the sea – marina – ocean borders, you know, of the national territories. They, yeah, they kept close to what you call ground, firm ground, and the PGR then would fly this drugs to the – to Juarez, the city of Juarez.

Implicating collusion between drug traffickers, politicians and the military. Drugs are a part of the Mexican economy. From deposition concerning one of the best stories Narco News ever broke, the House of Death.


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