6,000 Juarenses March to Make the Army Leave

December 7, 2009

“We are tired of living in hell. Things have only worsened since the army arrived,” said a 53-year-old businessman at the march, who declined to give his name.

“There’s evidence that soldiers and federal troops are behind some of the extortions and kidnappings and they are protecting the drug gangs, not the population,” said the man, holding a sign saying “united for peace.”

To date this year, 2,400 people have been murdered in Juarez, a city of 1.5 million.

And worst, this:

“The issue is that soldiers alone cannot stop the violence,” said Jose Maria Ramos, a security expert at the Tijuana-based research institute Colegio de la Frontera Norte near San Diego.

“The government needs to do more to reform corrupt police, stop the flow of guns smuggled from the United States and create a social policy that gives youngsters opportunities so they don’t join the cartels,” he added.

is not going to happen, partly because of this:

With over 235,000 manufacturing jobs and 70 Fortune 500 companies in the Ciudad Juarez-El Paso area, investors and Washington officials had hoped to see a quick victory in the Mexican city and a domino effect across the country.

Most mexicans in Juarez work for US owned factories for pennies (which is something the US and the Mexican elite have an interest in continuing). It’s either that or you join the police or the cartels. Or both, in many cases. Be exploited for a lifetime or live like an outlaw king for a few years, is what it looks like to many.


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