March 16, 2010

Los Zetas posted a narcobanner on 10 March in Mexico City to lay claim to the plaza. The banner read: “We are here to take over the plaza. The land does not belong to those who work it. It is ours. We have come to take out the snitches. We don’t want rats. Sincerely, Los Zetas.”

Interesting use of anti-marxist language in a Zetas narcobanner. It’s very different from the messages left on narcobanner and transmitted by email claiming to be from the Gulf cartel. Those messages tend to stress their connection to Tamaulipas and their wish to operate as the same business the people have known for decades. They stress that they have no desire to interrupt the everyday lives on citizens in their areas. Truthful or not, it’s quite different.

In the past few weeks every other cartel has aligned against the Zetas. They’re a PR disaster for narcotrafficking, and it looks like they’re the next to be offered up as a sacrifice by the industry to the government’s war on drugs. Reynosa, Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo, and most of Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas states have been hell for the past few weeks with the Gulf cartel publicly declaring war on its former enforcement wing, who apparently have no intention of standing down.


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